Unlock the Secret to Consistent Income with the Market Research Mastery Method

Learn how to leverage market research so that you can strategically position yourself for consistent income your coaching or consulting business.

Hello, hello, hello Lovely!

Are you a female coach or consultant who's ready to up your game and make some serious bank?

Look no further, because Market Research Mastery Method is here to help you slay!

With my proprietary 360 degree market research process, you'll be able to strategically position yourself for consistent income, create irresistible offers that your ideal clients want right now, craft a scroll-stopping content strategy, and build an effective client acquisition system that'll have them lining up to work with you.

But, let's be real, not everyone is the same, which is why I offer three different solutions to fit your unique needs:

Do It Yourself

If you are hands-on and love to get your hustle on, this is the solution for you.

With my DIY solution, you'll get access to all the tools and resources you need to implement the Market Research Mastery Method on your own. You got this!

Done With You

If you want a little extra support and guidance, I've got you covered.

With my DWY solution, I'll work with you every step of the way to implement the Market Research Mastery Method in your business. I'll be your wing-women!

Done For You

If you just want to sit back, relax, and let me handle everything I got you!.

 With my DFY solution I do the whole process for you. I'll take care of everything from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best - being a Boss!

Whether you're a DIY queen, a DWY diva, or a DFY dame, I've got the perfect solution to help you slay your competition and bring in that consistent income.

So, are you ready to become the go-to coach or consultant in your industry, attract your ideal clients like a magnet, and live your best life with a successful and fulfilling business?

Then let's get started with Market Research Mastery Method today and make bank while doing what you love!

Client Feedback

 After completing Leticia 5 day challenge, I was inspired to go back to the drawing board and complete some research on my ideal client. I conducted a survey, that I thought would drill down on the needs of my client but I soon realized that I was not hitting the target.

 Leticia to the rescue! In her programme I soon learned that I was concentrating on my ideal clients' solutions, instead of their wants. Through Leticia's dynamic way of teaching, she clearly defined the difference between the solution and the wants. Honestly, she has a craft of breaking down the barriers and expectations that we as coaches place on ourselves because we believe we have the answers. However, through her unique process, she has helped me to not only become more aware of my delivery but to also speak the language that my client will understand immediately. She has also helped me to narrow in on my niche, which is more concrete and I can be more focused on the zone of genius.  

One thing that I am most impressed with is Leticia's personable demeanor and her hands-on coaching style. The one to one sessions have been personalized to my business, as Leticia comes to each session having already read my submitted work. This gives her an opportunity to ensure that I fully understand the concepts and she provides guidance for the upcoming sessions. This programme with Leticia is not a boxed package, where you are left on your own , rather it is interactive and impactful. In a short span of time, Leticia has delivered on her promiseā€¦.follow her steps, results are guaranteed. I definitely see the results in myself and how I view and interact with my clients.  



Client Case Studies

Before working with me, Lou had been struggling with clarity in relation to what she offered and who she offered it to which resulted in her not 100% satisfied with the results she was seeing in her business. She had done market research before on numerous occasions but after each process was left feeling like the information gathered was useless with helping her achieve her business goals. Working with me in my Done With You Service Lou gained mind blowing clarity.

Samantha reached out to me for support with launching her coaching business. She recognized that her zone of genius was not in the market research element of building her business, in fact it had kept her stuck for years. I spent 8 weeks collecting data for her about her ideal clients and the problem she should be focusing on once she launched so that she could be in a position to maximize her earning potential from day one.